The Platform

Acquire more authentic, user-generated content than ever before 

Content curation is streamlined through the ThankU app to allow users to quickly create, consent, and upload their stories.  Our partners are able to customize the user experience to ensure consistent branding. 


Unlimited video and image storage 

ThankU Dashboard allows our partners unlimited user-generated content storage and full ownership of their constituent stories.  With our easy tagging system, partners are able to quickly tag and organize their content library. 


Share more targeted stories 

Whether you are connecting with donors, alumni, or the general public, authentic stories have never been more critical for fostering genuine relationships.  With more stories to share, your messaging can be perfectly tailored to reach each of your audiences. 

Ultimately, ThankU provides the tools to capture, manage, and share authentic user-generated stories at scale.  

Partner with ThankU to enhance your marketing efforts and generate more meaningful engagement with donors and grateful patients.